Baby rental items for your Maui vacation

Baby equipment rentals on maui

Baby rental items for your Maui vacation

Traveling with little ones can be a little overwhelming, even if you’re just in the car for a couple of hours, let alone flying across the ocean to Maui. We understand the packing nightmare and endless questions of what you should pack vs. leave at home. There are even items you might think you need to bring when staying in a vacation rental that you can actually get on-island quite affordably. Packing less makes for a smoother trip all-around and can definitely lessen the headache pre, during and post vacation.

We’ve teamed up with some partners to offer rentals at discounted prices for our guests. There are other things beyond baby items, as well, that will help with your packing and overall vacation experience – snorkel equipmentgolf clubsrental cars and grocery delivery service, to name a few.

When it comes to baby items, we’ve got you covered! You can leave the big items at home such as cribs, pack and plays, high chairs/booster chairs, car seats and even strollers if you can get around the airport without one. Or, just bring the umbrella stroller and use a bigger one once you get on site. We even have a great partner for childcare! Below is our recommended list of companies that provide baby, children and mother items.


  • BABY’S AWAY800 942-9030 or 808-875-9030 Baby and child supply rental service providing quality equipment such as cribs, strollers, portable crib, car seats, high chairs, toys, swings & exersaucers.
  • AKAMAI MOTHER’s RENTALS: Phone 808-298-1336 Many guests prefer this company. Same items as above.
  • MAUI VACATION EQUIPMENT (acquired Nana Enterprises) Nana was one of our favorites, now Rob White and team carry on their wonderful services and have expanded to beach and mobility items as well. A great “one-stop-shop” and they deliver!
  • MAUI BABY RENTALS: Phone 808-250-4968 A relatively new company with a good website; quality merchandise reaching beyond just baby related rentals (you can rent wheel chairs from them). They offer price matches too.
  • NOKAOI BABY RENTALS: Phone 808-446-6729 A very complete list of items here from sterilizers & humidifiers to bikes, badminton, beach and baby items.


  • THE NANNY CONNECTION, MAUI: Phone 808-875-4777 Quality child care services for ordinary sitting jobs. If you call from the mainland they will call you back. We have had many guests very happy with this service to give the adults a chance for a golf game, dinner out, etc. while providing quality care and fun for the kids.

We hope this helps you out when planning your family vacation with little ones across the ocean. Being able to enjoy as much of your vacation as you can without worry is possible if you plan in advance and know that there are many resources available to help you out.

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