Maui Fire Relief: Rebuilding Together, One Step at a Time

Posted on: August 11, 2023

As you have likely heard, Maui has experienced a devastating fire that has torn through the town of Lahaina in Maui County. The fatalities and destruction of homes, businesses and nature across Lahaina have left us all in a place of heartbreak for those affected. As the smoke clears and the extent of the damage becomes apparent, people in other states and countries are coming together to offer a helping hand. Below we’ll provide valuable resources for those looking to contribute to the Maui fire relief recovery efforts. 

Recent Fire Update from Maui County

The County of Maui released more information about the status of the fires. As of August 10th, the fires are 80% contained in the town of Lahaina. The Pulehu Fire was reported to be 70% contained at that time as well. Click here to read this article from August 10th and visit the Maui County website for continued updates as the firefighting efforts continue. 

1. Donate to Local Maui Fire Relief Funds

There are a variety of relief funds that are accepting online donations to support Maui families and victims of the fires. Consider donating directly to these funds as they make a significant impact on providing immediate relief and aiding in the long-term recovery of those affected. Below are some local donation funds available: 

2. Support Local Businesses

Many businesses have been deeply impacted by the fires, facing both physical damage but also loss of income. Visit this website to learn more about businesses in Maui, and keep an eye out for donation links to come for businesses affected, including but not limited to: 

3. Volunteer at the Maui Food Bank 

Staff at the Maui Food Bank are working diligently to supply relief to those in need. They’re accepting online donations but are also looking for disaster response volunteers to help. For insurance reasons, volunteers at the Maui Food Bank must be 12 years of age or older. For more information on volunteering and to sign up, check out this Google Form.  

You can also bring physical donations to various locations across Maui. Some examples of donations needed include baby food, diapers, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, canned meals, snacks, and more. Click here for information on hours for drop-off locations

4. Provide Meals for Displaced Residents Through the Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army’s Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division is accepting donations to provide meals for individuals whose houses were destroyed in the fire. You can provide a one-time or recurring donation by visiting this link

5. Assist the Maui Humane Society 

Amidst the fires, animals have been injured and pets have been separated from their owners. There are a few ways you can assist the Maui Humane Society: 

6. Donate to a Verified GoFundMe 

The fundraisers are growing, so making sure it’s a valid fund before you donate is important. Click here to view verified GoFundMe pages to donate directly to individuals and families. The Trust & Safety team at GoFundMe is continuing to update their page with more fundraisers once they’re verified. 

While the road to rebuilding and recovery is long and challenging, we know that with the help of people across Hawaii and the rest of the country, we can provide hope to those affected. Every donation and volunteer opportunity contributes to the restoration of the beautiful island of Maui.