Maui Golf Deals: Club Rentals

Posted on: May 8, 2015

I love to golf, and I love traveling to Maui. The problem is what to do with your golf clubs.

My last trip to Maui was also the first for my 11-month old daughter. As the parents out there can attest, adding a child to the trip adds (what seems to be a million) more bags and pounds of luggage. Thus bringing your clubs to Maui is just not possible. So how do you handle golf clubs?

My first round of golf I rented clubs from the course. No fault of the resort course at Wailea, but I do not hit a 10.5 degree driver and I certainly do not want light, graphite clubs. Yes, I blame my 10-over on the clubs. After all, it is always the equipment and never the golfer.

I needed a different solution. Something that would not break the bank. Enter Maui Golf Shop. This place is great! Not only do they rent nearly any set of golf clubs you would want, at $35 per day they are much less expensive than the rentals at the courses. And if you play more than once, the great staff will give you a volume discount as well. Really makes the break even point of paying the airlines vs. rental a big swing toward the rental clubs favor. That’s another score! If that was not enough, they also offer discounted tee times as well. The Maui Golf Shop is really a great one-stop shop for the best Maui Golf Deals.

A quick little drive down South Kihei Road to the Longs Kihei Center and you are there. Golf rental club heaven! I was able to find a 9 degree driver – the same one I actually carry in my bag! As well as a set of Mizuno irons. I was happy! The next morning I shot my best round at the Wailea Gold (because it is the equipment) in 3 years.

Maui Golf Views

A Satisfied Maui Golf Shop customer, with awesome Maui views.

In a perfect world, yes I would still bring my clubs to Maui. If you like to play then it is always great to play with your own set of clubs. However for many, the cost of extra luggage from the airline, the hassle of carrying the clubs, the size of the rental car you’ll need just makes bringing your own clubs a pain. If you fall into that category then I completely recommend contacting Cliff, Martha or Travis at Maui Golf Shop.

To rent a great set of clubs, just stop by and pick out your favorites.