Paid Parking on Maui

Posted on: November 18, 2022

Whether you’ve had the pleasure of visiting our beautiful island already or you’re looking to book your first adventure, the sights and sounds of Maui are hard to compete with. Our gorgeous beaches are second to none so many people travel from across the island to come see the waters off of our coast. With so many new visitors each year, Maui County officials have been working hard to address the growing demand. Join your friends at The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea as we break down the new plans for paid parking on Maui.  

Paid Parking Plans for Maui

Earlier this year, Maui Mayor Michael Victorino signed a record-breaking budget for the island. Of the over $1 billion dollar budget, $3.8 million has been earmarked for the Park Maui Project. The hope is that this additional funding and project will help to reduce congestion and improve parking access in areas that have seen increased visitors.  

“Park Maui is one of the ways in which the County of Maui can help to restore balance between our community and our hospitality industry,” Victorino said.  

First, Park Maui will start at Ulua/Mokapu Beach Park and Kamaole Parks and then will move onto Phase 2, which will focus on the Lahaina and Wailuku areas. These locations give the county an opportunity to find solutions for local residents who are impacted by the influx of visitors. They hope to accomplish this by utilizing a mix of paid on- and off-street parking, parking permits for residents and employees, meters, and pay stations. 

How the Money Will Benefit Maui

With the revenue generated from the new paid parking, there will be funds to reinvest in our gorgeous island. Public parks, open spaces, cultural facilities, and town improvements are all set to benefit. Not only does this help locals with priority parking options and beautiful homes, but it also gives our visitors an easy option to find accessible parking at various gorgeous locales across the island. Julie Dixon, contracted to help establish the framework for the project, stated “Parking should be easy, convenient, and accessible for the local community while allowing visitors into Maui’s special places on the residents’ terms.” 

We at The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea are excited about this upcoming change. We hope the benefits of the additional parking and revenue will stand to create a more beautiful Maui for locals as well as our visitors. If you’re ready to book the vacation of your dreams, we’re ready to help! Book your condo in paradise online or reach out to us today! A hui hou – Until we meet again!