Ekahi Parking Lot Resurfacing

Posted on: June 14, 2024

There have been rumors of dates and times, but now we know when Ekahi will begin their parking lot resurfacing project: August 19 – September 18, 2024. Ekahi has decided to tackle this in groups of buildings. During this time all buildings and pools, etc will be open, the parking lots will be restricted. Expect some over crowding in each lot as others are being worked on. Below you will find the schedule per building as well as a few maps to show the work that is being done.

Closed for coldplaning (scrape and grind) and paving:

Closed for ADA, stripes, access lanes and installation of parking bumpers:

Although there will be some disruption during this times, Maui remains beautiful with lots of great activities all over the island. If you are looking to come to Maui during these dates but are unsure about the resurfacing project, we do have 2 beautiful condos in Kihei. One at Surfside and the other at Kamaole One. Those would be great options to explore Maui and miss the parking lot resurfacing project.

If none of our properties work for this trip, then do jump over to MauiOwnerCondos.com. This is a directory site we started back in 1999 that has over 200 condos listed for rent by owner. It is possible you can find another location on Maui that would work for your trip.