Surf or Turf? The Best Water Activities in Maui

Posted on: August 24, 2021

The smell of salt in the air, the water splashing against your skin while the sun hits your shoulders – there is nothing better than hitting the beach! If you’re looking for the best water activities on Maui, your friends at The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea Ekahi Village have the insider knowledge to make sure you have a great time!  

First things first, you need to decide what you want out of your water day. Are you looking for thrilling adventures that test your boundaries? Or are you looking for a relaxing day immersing yourself in nature? Maybe a mixture of both? No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, the island provides something for everyone.  

Hang Ten 

If there is one thing Hawaii is known for outside of its beautiful beaches, it’s the surfing. In fact, the best surfboard and stand-up paddle board rentals on Maui are just around the corner from our condos. Each place has a unique story and unique options when it comes to catching waves.  

Underwater Excursions 

If you want to go below the surface and snorkel on Maui, Wailea is the perfect spot. The crystal waters, beautiful wildlife and golden sands make it a scuba divers dream. If you want to truly see all of Maui, be sure to go under the surface too! 

Watersport Rentals 

Jet skis, kayaks and wakeboarding are just a few of the adrenaline pumping activities you can find on Maui. If you’re ready for an adventure out on the open ocean, you’re not going to want to pass up these great spots.  

Extreme Watersports 

If you thought jet skis and wakeboarding were exciting you won’t want to pass up Maui’s other exhilarating watersport rental options. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you’ve found the best Maui has to offer. From parasailing to FlyBoards, these are experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime! 

The crystal waters of Maui are calling your name! If you’re looking for the best watersport rentals on Maui, The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea Ekahi Village have all of the best recommendations. From surfboard rentals to FlyBoard sailing, there is a water adventure waiting for everyone! If you’re ready to book your stay, we’re ready to help you find the perfect condo on MauiA hui hou – Until we meet again!