Whale Watching Excursions on Maui

Posted on: December 2, 2017

Our beloved friends – the whales – are back! We love this time of year because whale watching excursions abound. There are many great options. Be prepared to see some whales up close and personal!

Whale season typically runs from mid-November until early May. Here are some great options for whale watching while on Maui.

The best we have found by far is Maui Adventure Cruises. They use large inflatable outboard engine boars (similar to the Coast Guard) so you are very close to the water – yes you can stick your go pro in for some cool underwater shots! They do not take too many people, either, so you can really get up close and personal on this tour! Check out this action from our Facebook Page of a competition pod gong under our boat.

Another good one is the Pacific Whale Foundation (and they leave from both Lahaina and Ma’alaea Harbor), but they have larger boats and pack on way too many people. You are farther from the action and can get many heads in the way of your breach.

Lastly, my parents have loved Trilogy. They have great Molokini and even sunset snorkles. A fast gorgeous catamaran and great food with knowledgeable and fun staff – you really can’t go wrong here either.

You will not regret the decision to go for a whale watching excursion. The guides provide a lot of background and history, so not only do you get to see the whales, you get to learn about them, too!

Want to research some more whale watches and other adventures? Check out these links from our partners at The Snorkle Store.

Send us your whale watching photos and videos and we will be sure to post them. Happy whale watching!