Maui Luaus – A Guide to the Best Luaus on Maui

Posted on: August 19, 2022

It seems as though luaus have become synonymous with Hawaii, and for good reason – they’re filled with culturally rooted food, music, games and, of course, dancing. In fact, Maui is home to some of the most beautiful and exciting luaus in all of Hawaii. All across the island, thrilling celebrations are waiting to be enjoyed and experienced. Join your friends at The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea as we lay out the ultimate guide to luaus in Maui.

History of Luaus

Traditionally, luaus were used to celebrate significant events such as a birth or successful harvest. Although some things are similar such as the dancing, food and fun, there are a few differences between ancient and modern-day luaus. Unlike modern luaus, it was once taboo for men and women to dine together. While separated, the islanders would dine on the ground on lauhala mats and use their hands rather than utensils to eat. Typical luau food would be served, and it is still served today. From poi and sweet potatoes to dried fish and pork cooked underground, the feast is still one of the most anticipated parts of the celebration.

Phrases to Know at a Luau

Aloha – The traditional Hawaiian greeting, you’ll be sure to hear a few “alohas” throughout the evening.

Hula – A traditional Polynesian dance that dates back to ancient Hawaii. Each movement has a meaning and tells a story through gestures.

Imu – One of the more steadfast traditions of a luau, the imu is an underground oven where the food, traditionally a pig, is cooked.

Kau Kau – Fresh and local ingredients make the food, or kau kau, at a luau that much more delicious.

Kui – You are familiar with the familiar term lei, but a kui lei is one made with fresh flowers strung together using a needle and string.

The Best Luaus on Maui

Myths of Maui Luau – Feel the islands all around you with this exciting show. Fire dancers, local cuisine and unbeatable energy make this show a must-see.

Old Lahaina Luau – One of the most popular luaus on Maui, the Old Lahaina Luau has been around for years. Known for selling out, this fantastic celebration has won many awards for its food and fun.

Feast at Lele – One of the most stunning oceanfront luaus, Feast at Lele takes you on a journey through Polynesia. Reward your senses with delicious cuisine and exotic music.

Huaka ‘I Luau – Take a trip through the history of Hawaii’s homeland. Watch ancient dances while indulging in some of the island’s most delicious food at Maui’s newest luau.

The Grand Luau at Honua’ula – Enjoy this intimate luau as you immerse yourself in authentic Hawaiian culture. Dine at your private table as you overlook the unforgettable Wailea Beach at this luxurious luau.

Drums of the Pacific – If you’re looking for a luau that will leave your heart pounding, you’ve found it. Enjoy the rhythmic and exciting sights and sounds of Polynesia at Drums of the Pacific.

Te Au Moana – If you’re looking for a spectacular luau experience, the show at Wailea Beach Resort is sure to please. Featuring a delicious Hawaiian feast and traditional dances, you can sit back and immerse yourself in the ancient storytelling as the dancers perform.

Grand Wailea Luau – Truly immerse yourself in the culture of Hawaii at this sense invoking luau. Enjoy a fantastic evening filled with delicious food, exciting dances, hula lessons and so much more all while you learn more about the legends of Maui.

If you’re looking for the quintessential Hawaiian experience, there is no better way than by going to a luau. The sights, sounds, and experience are something you will remember for a lifetime. When you’re ready to book your stay on Maui, let your friends at The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea help you find the perfect accommodation.