Ocean Conservation in Hawaii

Posted on: March 10, 2023

The ocean is central to Hawaiian culture. Its life-sustaining water has physical and spiritual meanings that have long impacted the people here. From their traditions to their beliefs, the ocean has always been a part of life. Today, join The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea as we explore why ocean conservation in Hawaii is so important. 

Ocean conservation is the protection, preservation, and restoration of the world’s oceans and marine resources. Conservation efforts seek to reduce human-caused damage to marine ecosystems, such as overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction. Conservation initiatives include creating marine reserves, establishing fishery management plans, and reducing plastic waste.  

E hele me ka pu’olo. Make every person or place better than before. 

Why is ocean conservation important? 

You will find that many Hawaiians are passionate about ocean conservation – and for good reason. The health of our oceans is essential for both the environment and the economy. Healthy oceans provide habitats for fish, marine mammals, and other wildlife, and are essential for global food security. Oceans also regulate the climate and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Additionally, many coastal communities depend on the ocean for their livelihoods and recreational activities. Protecting the ocean is therefore essential for maintaining a healthy planet and a healthy human population.  

There are many great organizations across Hawaii and Maui that work to keep our home beautiful. Recognizing that the underwater ecosystem is fragile, Maui Ocean Center began working in the 1970’s to make an impact. If you’re looking for more information on their initiatives, volunteer opportunities or general info, you can find more here. If you’re looking for additional information on volunteering on Maui, don’t miss this post.

What can I do to keep the ocean clean?  

Everyday, the health of our island is a top priority. With beauty comes responsibility and we are committed to keeping this place magical. If you want to make an impact while you visit, plenty of volunteer opportunities on Maui help keep the island and its wildlife healthy. There are also a few things you can do to help keep the ocean clean that take little to no effort, including: 

  1. Reduce single-use plastics: Avoid using single-use plastics such as water bottles, straws, and plastic bags. 
  1. Utilize reef-safe sunscreen: Certain sunscreens have detrimental effects on the ocean’s ecosystems. You can learn more about reef-safe sunscreen here 
  1. Participate in beach and river cleanups: Join a beach or river cleanup to help remove trash from these important habitats. As they say, all streams lead to the ocean.  
  1. Choose sustainable seafood: Research which types of seafood are sustainably harvested and only purchase these kinds. Download the Seafood Watch app from the Monterey Bay Aquarium or click here 
  1. Support ocean conservation organizations: Donate to organizations that are working to protect our oceans. 
  1. Educate yourself and others: Learn more about the ocean and share this knowledge with others. 

We are passionate about ocean conservation because this place is home to our friends and family. The abundance of beauty and natural resources is something we must nurture and take care of. If you’re ready to come to Maui and see it for yourself, let us help you find the perfect place to stay