Uniquely Maui: 10 Maui Adventures

Posted on: September 23, 2022

Maui is known for its gorgeous beaches and exotic scenery. We don’t even have to mention the rich culture or delicious food either. But today, we want to take things a step further. Your friends at the Pauli Family Condos at Wailea have put together a list of unique Maui adventures that you may not have heard of yet. Join us as we explore some out-of-the-ordinary things to do and see during your Maui vacation.  

“You don’t have to live in Hawaii – or even be Hawaiian – to embrace the Aloha Spirit.”- Mark Ellman 

Alcohol Tasting – From wineries to distilleries and breweries, there are tons of great places to check out. No matter what you’re looking for, there is a drink waiting for you on Maui.  

Beach Buddies Shelter Dog Experience – Give a shelter pup the day of a lifetime by taking them out of the shelter for some fun. This fantastic program gives you some doggy playtime and gives the dog a day on the beach. You can even choose to adopt the pup if one day just isn’t enough. 

Canoe Excursion – If you’re looking for a traditional Hawaiian experience, this outrigger canoe tour is perfect. Learn about Hawaiian history, participate in traditional Hawaiian chants while rowing, and get incredible views of both the land and sea.  

Dive with Sharks – Come to better understand and appreciate the ocean’s most revered inhabitant, the shark. This dive provides thrills as well as knowledge as you get to know sharks in this open ocean-style exhibit.  

Farm-to-Table Experience – Connect to the land around you at O’o Farm. This truly unique experience allows you to feel the earth with your own hands as you harvest the food that will eventually be made into your meal.  

Horseback Riding – See the island in a completely different way – from the back of a horse! Connect to nature while getting breathtaking views of the water and the gorgeous lands of Maui.  

Mermaid for the Day – Have you ever wanted to get the full mermaid experience? Look no further. This exciting and fun way to explore the ocean is a memory you will never forget.  

Mountaintop Star Gazing – See Maui from an entirely different perspective – by looking toward the sky! This guided tour starts with incredible views of the sunset and ends with endless views of the skies and beyond.  

Scenes from the Sky – Have you ever thought about seeing Maui from the sky? Have you ever thought about being the one flying the plane? Flight lessons are an experience you will never forget!  

Walk Through Lava – Well, not literally. But you can walk through one of the largest lava tubes in the world! If you find yourself in Hana, be sure to stop by this natural wonder formed over a thousand years ago.  

From the land to the sea, there are tons of things to explore while on Maui. If you’re ready to travel off the beaten path, your friends at The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea are ready to help you plan the adventure. Browse accommodations and more great info