Ekahi Village Pavilion Renovation

Posted on: January 7, 2019

After years of due diligence, it appears the Ekahi Board of Directors is ready to embark on a complete renovation of the ocean-side pavilion. As owners at Ekahi Village, we are excited about the prospect of the new pavilion: updated kitchen and grilling area, ocean equipment storage, work-out room, structural security and overall general upgrade. However we are also concerned about the cost and length of time to remodel the pavilion. We also know that both we and our guests enjoy the ocean-front pool and use the pavilion regularly.

Though not 100% set in stone, it appears the Board of Directors for the Ekahi Village Home Owners Association are planning to commence the remodel in 2019. Exact dates are not known, but from the information we’ve gained from the BOD, it appears to be a 240 day project that will begin in late April 2019 and complete in October 2019.

The two biggest questions or concerns we’re asked about the potential remodel deals with Ekahi’s pools and beach access. More details are available on our Pavilion Renovation Page, but the short answers are:

  1. Yes, the main / pavilion pool will remain open during the remodel
  2. Yes, the beach access will remain open during the remodel (for 95% of the time)
  3. Yes, all pools at Ekahi will remain open and none will be designated “quiet” pools
Our Pavilion at Ekahi is original to the property and does need some work to help prepare it for a potential storm. As the Hawaii law currently reads Ekahi would not be able to repair / replace the Pavilion if it is destroyed. Updating the structure and functionality of the Pavilion now, while Ekahi can, is important.

The State has also informed us that there is some beac erosion prevention work Ekahi needs to complete as well. It is planned to occur at some point during the Pavilion remodel.

For more information and renderings of the renovations, visit our Pavilion Renovation page on the Wailea Ekahi Village website.