Surfing for Beginners on Maui

Posted on: March 24, 2023

Surfing has become synonymous with Hawaii and for good reason! Our oceans have some of the best waves for catching that perfect ride and our beaches are some of the best spots to take a break. If you’re looking for a few great tips about surfing for beginners, your friends at The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea have put together some need-to-know basics.

Before we get started with the good stuff, we want to point out a few things. Although the waters of Hawaii are beautiful, they are also very powerful. It’s important to not overestimate your skills when it comes to the open waters. No matter how great of a swimmer you are, the ocean will always outmatch you. Never head into the waters alone and be sure that you’re in a designated area for surfers.

It may also be a great idea to try a surfing school if it is your first time hitting the waves. There are plenty of amazing options. You can find a few great places for surf lessons here. But, if you’re thinking about trying things out on your own, or just want a quick intro to surfing, follow these great tips:

Surfing for Beginners

  1. Choose a beach that is suitable for your skill level. Start with a beach that has small, gentle waves and a sandy bottom. You can find some of the best beaches on Maui here.
  2. Get the right equipment. Invest in a good quality beginner surfboard and wetsuit. If you’re not ready to invest in your own equipment yet, there are plenty of rental options available. 
  3. Learn the basics. Taking a lesson from a certified surf instructor is a great way to learn the basics of surfing. They will teach you the proper technique and safety rules. 
  4. Practice on dry land. Before you hit the waves, practice your surfing stance, paddling, and pop-up on land. That muscle memory will help when you’re on the open water. 
  5. Take it slow. Start by practicing in the whitewater – the part of the wave that is closer to shore. This will help you get used to the feeling of the board and the waves. 
  6. Catch a wave. Once you’re comfortable in the whitewater, start to paddle out to where the waves are breaking and try to catch one. Hang ten! 
  7. Have fun and stay safe. Don’t forget to always wear a leash and check the condition of the ocean before you go out. Have fun and be safe. 

Whether you’re headed to Maui for rest and relaxation or you’re looking for something a little more thrilling, you can find it all on our island oasis. Don’t forget, after all that fun in the sun, you’ll need a place to rest your head. Check out our dreamy condos settled right along the shores of Wailea and book your trip today!