The Best Snorkeling Spots on Maui

Posted on: September 9, 2022

The sparkling waters off of the coast of Maui bring serenity and wonder to the world. The deep blue expanse is filled with colorful fish, gorgeous corals and other unique plants and animals. And today, your friends at the Pauli Family Condos at Wailea have the five best snorkeling spots in Maui. 

Before we give you insider knowledge on the best underwater spots to snorkel at, we want to highlight the importance of the ocean to Hawaiians. Those native to the islands have a deep connection and understanding of the water. They believe that something so big and so powerful must be respected. The ocean can both give life with food and sustenance but also take away life with rough waters and violent storms. It’s a lifeline to new islands and new cultures as well as a way of life. Please respect the waters while you enjoy their beauty during your time on our beautiful island. 

Black Rock Ka’anapali Beach

Home to the famous Black Rock, watch out for cliff jumpers as you enjoy these gorgeous waters. Better for more experienced snorkelers due to varying wind and currents, there are plenty of fish and turtles to swim with at this unique location. 

Kahekili Beach Park

A very short swim from the shore, Kahekili Beach Park or North Ka’anapali Beach, is the perfect snorkeling spot. With tons of fish and other ocean wildlife to see, there are also picnic tables, showers, and restrooms to utilize after you swim.  

Kapalua Bay

A secluded cove protects you from strong trade winds so you’re free to explore the open blue water. With a gorgeous sandy beach for relaxing post-swim, this is one of our favorite spots to check out the colorful creatures beneath the water’s surface. 

Molokini Crater

This spot is truly unique! This semi-submerged crater is home to a marine preserve, coral reef, and bird sanctuary. Although you have to take a tour to reach this spot, it is well worth it! The crescent shape of the cove protects you from both the wind and waves which gives you top-notch visibility of marine life.  

Olowalu Reef

Known as the Mother Reef, Olowalu Reef is home to some of the oldest corals around the island – over 1,500 years old! Keep an eye out for sea turtles, rays and sharks dotted along this underwater paradise.

The waters of Maui are filled with life-sustaining wildlife and surreal aquatic landscapes that pictures cannot truly capture. Come see for yourself why the waters of Maui are so revered by both the native people and anyone who comes to visit. If you’re ready to start your snorkeling adventure, find more info here or your friends at The Pauli Family Condos at Wailea are ready to help. For the perfect accommodation on your trip, click here